Pokémon: PC Panic Wiki
joy-ling artwork for Green
joy-ling artwork for Green
Gender Female
Age 14
Trainer Class Rival
Hair Bright Green
Eyes Red


Green is the rival of the player in Pokémon: PC Panic! She first lived in Celadon City, but, a year before the events of the game, her family moved to Pallet Town, the hometown of the famous Pokémon Professor, Oak.

She is first seen outside the Pokémon Lab, where she mentions that she and the player would get their first Pokémon that day. Later, in the lab, she happily accepts and chooses her starter, a Pikachu.


Green telling the player to go after Team X.

Green is a teenage girl, with long, bright green hair, that she wears in a ponytail. She is tall for her age and wears a white dress with pink shoes. 

Green is rather impatient, but always happy and optimistic. She is brave and not easily scared, and most of the time she encourages the player to go after Team X.


Her first Pokémon is a Pikachu she got from Professor Oak.

First Battle - Pokémon Lab

  • Pikachu, level 5

Second Battle - Route 3

  • Pikachu, level 15
  • Pidgey, level 13
  • Nidoran (F), level 14