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Welcome to the Pokémon: PC Panic Wiki

This is a wiki dedicated to the Pokémon: PC Panic!, a Fangame made by Q-Quan, on Enterbrain's RPG Maker XP, using the Pokémon Essentials Starter Kit. For the latest news, please visit our subreddit . THE FIRST PUBLIC DEMO (beta v0.1) IS NOW AVAILABLE, AS WELL AS IT'S FIRST PATCH!


In the Kanto Region, all Pokémon Professors gather to talk about a terrible event: Bill, the creator of the Pokémon Storage System, has been kidnapped, and PCs all over the region are malfunctioning, trapping Pokémon in them. They decide to send a strong trainer to find him... But who? Nobody has heard of Red, or Ethan, for months. The only option left is a pair of children that moved to Pallet Town recently, Yellow and Green. Play as Yellow and re-explore Kanto, challenge Gyms, meet new friends and fight the evil Team X.

Will you find out what happened to Bill?

Will you successfully restore the Storage System?

Download the demo now!


  • Revisit Kanto two years after the events of Generation II/IV!
  • Familiar faces and places, but also new and changed locations!
  • FRLG overworld graphics
  • Return of berry planting and mining!
  • Limited amount of Pokémon in PC during gameplay.
  • Team X: what are their plans?
  • Generation VI music!
  • At least all 151 Pokémon will be available, and some more!


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