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Viridian City
Map of Viridan City
Map of Viridan City
Motto The City of Evergreen
Region Kanto
Connecting Locations North - Route 2

South - Route 1

Gym Leader Blue (former)
Gym Type Various (former)

Viridian City is an averaged-sized settlement in western Kanto. Currently, Blue, the grandson of Professor Oak resides here. It has a former Gym.


It is a spacious town with only a few buildings. In the north west, there's a group of trees, with in the middle of it, an incense shop. South of it, we find a small pond with a bridge over it. On the east side, it features a Pokémon Center, the Trainer House, some houses and the former Pokémon Gym.

Notable Locations

Trainer House

The Trainer House is closed down, as it is property of the Pokémon League.

Incense Shop

There is a small tent, where a lady sells incenses. She only has one incense left, because her Bellosom is trapped in the PC.

Full Incense

Gym (former)

The Gym Leader of this Gym, Blue, has retired from the League to focus on his dream to become a Pokémon Professor like his grandfather.


  • Machine Tool
From Blue.
  • Potion
In item ball behind the trees.



Spearow, level 5